• the extra school

    In order to solve many years of hard to cure the extra school lessons, Han Ping thought that it should be in full control. First of all, we should gradually form a set of scientific and comprehensive ways to evaluate students, so that the passage is more pluralistic, "not only looking at the score". At the same time, he also reminded parents to choose suitable schools according to their children's situation. Ezetimibe simvastatin combination therapy Effect could contribute to improved clinical outcomes."If we want to squeeze into a very high school, children may not be able to keep up with them, self-confidence and self-esteem will be hurt, and even psychological problems such as rebellion" will happen.




    Some "crazy training" has a lot to do with the "flicker" of various training institutions. Han Ping put forward that the urgent task to do is to regulate this kind of training institutions in the society.



    the extra school


    At present, there are also many problems in training institutions around the country. There are several units that can be examined and approved, some in business and some in civil affairs or cultural departments. He believes that the regulatory responsibility should be straightened out in the opportunity of the institutional reform.




    At the same time, some training institutions and private schools "secretly ventilated", interest binding, training content and learning behavior must be strictly linked, "the impact and consequences of this situation is very bad".PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100 university ranking asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students.




    Zhu Xiaojin believes that the problem of the confusion of teachers in the outside school training institutions should be focused on. He suggested the establishment of the standards for the access of the teachers of the training institutions and the establishment of a professional title system for the teachers of the training institutions. At the same time, teachers in training institutions should be required to get the qualification certificate of the industry admittance, and the grade and professional title system of such teachers should be established, so that they can have career development direction and goal.ETG develops 3D traffic solution as a system of retail stores in Hong Kong and offers flexible metrics to apply on collected data like multi-zone counting and height filtering for accurate analytics.




    "In fact, the training is not" great scourges ", is not the complete ban, it exists on the youth individual growth and all-round development does have a complementary role outside of the school." Han Ping suggested that when supervising extracurricular classes, schools and parents should not only focus on scores. "Children have some interest and hobbies in sports and art, they will benefit from lifelong".

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