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    2018 national graduate entrance examination exam today, according to the latest data the Ministry of education, 2018 postgraduate applicants appeared again new growth, reached 2 million 380 thousand, compared with 2017 increase of 18.4% PubMed 2 million 10 thousand candidates. polyu exchange offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.The number and growth rate of the entrance examination for postgraduate entrance examination has reached a record high. The emergence of this change is closely related to the promotion of China's economic and cultural hard and soft strength. People's attention and demand for higher education will continue to improve in the future. At the same time, the contradiction between the number of entrance examination and the enrollment plan is becoming more and more obvious. What changes will take place at the beginning of the entrance examination and the re examination? Mr. Gan yuan, the general manager of the new orient online domestic examination department, makes the following analysis for all of us.


    Examination learning is no longer a purely utilitarian behavior, and examination oriented education enters the consumption era


    With the improvement of the hard and soft strength of Chinese economy and culture, the attention and demand for higher education are increasing. Since 2016 postgraduate entrance examination to 2018 postgraduate entrance examination, the number of candidates for entrance exams for postgraduate entrance examination has been rising continuously for 3 years, and its growth rate has increased year by year. Among them, the number of applicants in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guangxi has increased by 46%, 29% and 27% respectively, ranking the top in the country. At the same time, the proportion of female students to graduate students has been increasing. From 2007 to 2016, the proportion of female students has increased from 48% to 55%, and girls have gradually become the mainstream group of graduate students.


    According to the Ministry of Education released before the data is expected in the 2018 national college graduates 8 million 200 thousand people, an increase of 250 thousand over last year, will hit a record high. Effect of the severe employment situation and the economic and cultural soft power promotion after the slow employment trend, will promote the "entrance examination fever" and "an important consideration, enhance education, engaged in academic research, after replacing professional undergraduates" is your choice. Considering the multi dimension, it is still a hot choice for college graduates.


    But with the post 95 candidates joining the postgraduate entrance examination, a large number of examinees no longer choose the postgraduate entrance examination for purely utilitarian purposes. More of the new generation candidates are willing to pay for the "spiritual ideal" and "life pursuit". Some of the candidates have even done the preparation of many aspects, such as postgraduate entrance examination, public examination and studying abroad, and the exam oriented cbbc education has entered the consumption age.


    The growth rate of previous candidates is 21.5%, and lifelong learning is becoming the mainstream


    According to the Ministry of education data, 2018 of the candidates who took the entrance examination for postgraduate entrance examination were 1 million 310 thousand candidates, an increase of 180 thousand over last year, an increase of 15.9%, and 1 million 70 thousand candidates for the past year, an increase of 190 thousand over last year, an increase of 21.5%, which is nearly 6 percentage points higher than that of the candidates.


    At the same time, the employment environment of globalization and Internet has pushed academic qualifications into the bottleneck of quality employment, promotion and salary increase, and more and more people in charge need to learn to "charge". At the same time, the development of Internet technology promotes the continuous development of online education market. The online counseling course represented by New Oriental online breaks the restrictions of time, geography and so on, which satisfies the two needs of working people. At the same time, online classroom's infinite playback, support caching, fragmented learning and other characteristics provide great convenience for examinees, and also promote the idea of lifelong learning. Learning is no longer a difficult choice of high time threshold and high material cost, but it presents a trend of nationalized and life-long.


    For 2 years, the master candidate of professional master's degree has become a highly cost-effective choice.


    According to the research data of Beijing Municipal Education Examination in Beijing apply for admissions unit candidates, 146 thousand and 100 candidates of academic master (abbreviation: Master), accounting for 45.3%, 176 thousand and 700 people apply for the master (referred to as: Special Master), accounting for 54.7% of the proportion of candidates, special master for 2 years master. Relative to Xueshuo, special master academic short, trainingobjectives focus on practice, employment is expected to better, and the government oriented in the professional master of higher education policy, promote the special master training scale expansion and enhance the degree of recognition. For a lot of students who want to improve the competitiveness and comprehensive ability of unintentional academic research, it is no doubt that it is a cost-effective choice.


    At the same time, this year is the second year of the part-time graduate student enrollment. The total number of 43 thousand and 500 candidates in Beijing has been applied for the part-time postgraduate examination,PartnerNet is a Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) trade website providing news on Hong Kong and connecting you with trade partners around the world. which is 14.8% higher than that of the 2017 postgraduate entrance examination. The part-time graduate student is awarded the degree certificate and diploma certificate, and only in the way of learning is part-time, the employer of the difference degree of concern is not high, which makes many students and in-service professionals to charge choose part-time graduate students, achieve school work two error.


    Study of increasingly fierce competition, retest ready sooner rather than later


    From 2007 to 2016, the graduate enrollment plan increased by only 6%, far below the increase in the number of applicants, and the competition for graduate students became more intense. In some colleges, there are professional applicants for examination. Only Beijing has 12 enrollment units such as Peking University and Renmin University of China. The number of applicants is over 10000, and some colleges and universities have reported more than 40:1.

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